Ricing Without Staging.

Regolith On Stage allows you to customize your Regolith desktop environment without having to edit configuration files manually.

Purposeful Features.

Regolith On Stage's has a simple UI that doesn't get in your way while giving you access to all you need to configure your desktop. Check out the video to see it in action!
Sort & Filter
You can easily sort and filter all Xresource definitions so you can find what you are looking for in a breeze.
Undo Anytime
You can always undo any modification you make and restore the default value for any Xresource definition.
Reuse Macros
You can browse and reuse the macros defined in the system Look files so you can keep things DRY.
Icon Support
Use the i3 Bar icon font with confidence. Regolith On Stage loads it to display icons properly.
In-App Onboarding
Open the In-App onboarding (help) and get a guided tour of for each the application feature.
i3 Bar Block Management
Installing and removing blocks from your i3 Bar is just a few clicks away. You get a preview too!
Get Regolith On Stage and start ricing without worrying!
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Frequently Asked Questions

More on the wiki
Why build Regolith On Stage?
Staging your configuration files is not very difficult but it can be error prone and break your system as you update to future releases. Regolith On Stage makes ricing safe and more accessible to users wanting to enjoy the benefits of tiling window managers.
How does Regolith On Stage work?
Regolith On Stage parses the user (staged) or system configuration files for Xresource definitions. All the modifications made from the application are written to the ~/config/regolith/Xresources file. This is the only file that the application writes. More on the wiki.
Is it safe to use Regolith On Stage?
Yes! Because Regolith On Stage only parses files you can safely use it. If you have Xresource definitions in ~/config/regolith/Xresources they will be loaded as well, and written back to the file as you save your configuration from the application. More on the wiki.
Can I use it on a staged system?
Absolutely! The application will parse staged files instead of the default system configuration files if they exist. In fact, the definitions in your staged files will be considered to provide the defaulf values, meaning that you can play around with the application and restore your configuration easily. More on the wiki.
What are macros?
Macros are like constants defined in the system Look files (with a #define directive). Macros are useful because you can reuse them to keep visual consistency and your configuration DRY.
What is Regolith On Stage built with?
Regolith On Stage is a GTK application written in Vala. The build system relies on Meson.