v0.5.2 - Release Notes

i3 bar block management and desktop integration.
  • New Feature - i3 Block Management - Ability to install and remove blocks - Feature available for Regolith 1.4+.
  • Preview of the i3 bar with the selected blocks.
  • Highlighting of the newly added blocks in the i3 bar Preview.
  • In-app onboarding (help) for the block management feature.
  • Xresource definitions used in newly added blocks made available in Desktop Configuration pane.
  • Desktop Configuration feature made available for Regolith 1.3.1+.
  • Action buttons styled in a Call To Action fashion (follows the GTK theme).
  • Styled links to match application theme.
  • Fixes bug related to how regolith-look refresh was triggered.
  • Fixes variable editor pane resizing by wraping long labels.
  • Desktop integration with PPA
Release Details
May 10, 2020
Source code (tar.gz)
Binary (amd64)